Company Overview

At Metropolitan State University of Denver, we believe that every student should have an opportunity to better their life. And we know that higher education is the key factor in upward economic and social mobility. That’s why we offer high-quality education that prepares students to be well-rounded and work-ready.

Our students come from every background and experience. We have veterans looking to re-establish themselves in the workforce, first-generation college students trying to do a little better than their parents and plenty of people who want to change directions in their careers. They may have taken a zigzagging path to get to college, but they find their way here and leave as Roadrunners.

We graduate Fulbright scholars, award-winning novelists, noted academics, pioneering scientists and many others who are at the very top of their fields. And that’s further proof of why we need to give every student a fair shot, why we don’t define ourselves by who we exclude, but by who we include. Because every student has the potential to be something or someone greater, to move up the social and economic ladder; in short, to achieve the American dream.

We hope you’ll join us as we work to become the model urban university for opportunity, diversity, excellence and transformation.

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Metropolitan State University of Denver
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